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Pressure Relief of Natures Rest Talalay Latex

by Jennifer Groom March 22, 2016

One of our primary goals at Nature's Rest is to optimize pressure relief for a better night's sleep. By designing and manufacturing sleep surfaces that can distribute body weight evenly over the maximum surface area, we can help relieve pressure points that cause disturbances in our sleep cycles. An undisturbed sleep is a more restful and restorative sleep, just like nature intended. In order to accomplish this goal, we use the latest in pressure mapping technology when designing our mattresses and when working with our premier retail partners. This technology allows us to identify areas of peak pressure and design beds that help reduce that pressure.
Sleep is a journey through time. Second upon second, minute after minute...hours that might otherwise drag upon hour, are condensed into a blissful state of being we call sleep.
Imagine the tedious nature of trying to lie still long enough to restore the major muscle groups...slowing your breath rate and heart rate consciously...imagine the boredom of just lying there while your physical body restores itself! Sleep is a wonderful gift.
Nature's Rest products are dedicated to contributing to this fascinating helping us each find the deep natural sleep that becomes the Rest that Nature intends. 
Comfort is the key...pressure values vary defining comfort for each of us. Pressure builds over time...if we can evaluate the areas most likely to be sensitive to pressure build up, we can adjust the sleep surface and sleep positions to maximize our comfort.

Jennifer Groom
Jennifer Groom