Relationships effecting your sleep? Here are some tips and reasons WHY
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Relationships effecting your sleep? Here are some tips and reasons WHY!

by Jennifer Groom July 15, 2016

Relationships effect our sleep, no matter how great they are. Heres how you can sleep better with your partner!


Have you ever got woken up in the middle of the night? Looked over and noticed your partner has moved in their sleep and is taking over?? well here are the tips you need to stay asleep, unbothered, so you can wake up happy.


1- You partner bumps into you or kicks you during the night.

Couples should sleep in a Queen size or larger, believe us once you upgrade to a king you won't look back!! This will give you adequate space to lay freely, and not bother one another.


2- One of you is warm, one of you is cold. 

This is one of the top issues people suffer from, our sleep temperature. Ideally you sleep sanctuary should be 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are a few hacks to fix this issue!

first - Double fold blankets for the person who is sleeping cold can be cozy

Second - Invest in an electric blanket

last - If you sleep warm try sticking your feet out from under the covers it will bring your body temperature down quickly


3- Snoring can disturb and annoy everyone in the house!

The first step in curing snoring can often be cured by heading to a physician. This will rule out any health issues, once that is ruled out its time to try alternative sleep remedies. 

Anit-snoring pillows

Nasal Strips

Ear plugs


4- Your sleep schedules aren't aligned

Often times its as easy as laying in bed together and reading a book! Watching TV in the basement and coming in late will often times make your partner restless, its always good to keep them in mind when sleeping is involved. Also buying an all foam product will reduce motion transfer in the mattress allowing you to get in and out of bed without disturbing!


thanks for reading! more tips coming soon


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Jennifer Groom
Jennifer Groom


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