Organic Mattress: Why Natural Talalay Latex Works | Nature's Rest
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Why Talalay?

Do you know what’s inside your mattress? When you have a Talalay latex mattress, the answer is simple; 100% Talalay latex. Every Talalay latex mattress starts out as a tree. We harvest the liquid latex from the tropical Hevea brasiliensis tree and turn it into the finest organic mattresses, using eco-friendly production methods at our manufacturing facility in Shelton, CT.
Talalay latex mattresses are more breathable, resilient and offer unmatched support and pressure relief; the key elements to getting the best night’s sleep you have ever had! You never have to compromise comfort because we offer a full spectrum of “feels” from firm to ultra-plush. Each bed is made by hand and put through rigorous quality testing before it enters your bedroom.
Invest in quality. Invest in the environment. Choose Talalay.


We use the highest quality materials, fabrics, and processes available. Every piece is inspected and handmade by people that take pride in their craft. Designed with pride to help you sleep better.